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Get Started and Print an Invoice CG Invoicer 3 Mac

Instructions for your first use. Setting up preferences and create and print your first invoice.

Open CG Invoicer 3 on a Macintosh

Double click the CG Invoicer 3 application (note that the application must be stored in the same directory as the supporting files and Extensions folder.) You can create an Alias (Mac) to the CG Invoicer application and place the alias anywhere on your computer.

Open CG Invoicer 3 on Windows

Select the CG Invoicer 3 application from the program files on the start menu or double clicking the CG Invoicer icon on the desktop.

Create your settings

For the first time use you will want to customize CG Invoicer. Start by going to the Preferences. From the Navigation menu select "Settings"

Enter your company information

Enter your company name, address, phone, etc. This is the information that will print (optionaly) as the header for your invoices. You can highlight and right click (control click) text to change font, style, size, etc.

Customize Header

Click Instert Image button to insert your logo or use the arrows to select a sample image.

Return to the main screen

Click the "Return" button in the upper right corner of the screen. There are lots of other options but you can set those up later.

Go to the Products section

Click the Products tab to go to the Products Section.

Add a new product

Add a new product by clicking the "Add" button. Enter the relevant information, you must enter a product name and product ID. All other information is optional. The Product Name will drop into the invoice line item when selected. You can also modify the product name on the invoice without having it change in the Product section.

Go to the Client Section

Click the Clients tab and then click the Add button to add a new client.

Enter client information

Enter the client name, company and address. Select the "billing" checkbox if the address will be used for sending invoices.
Select additional information to print on the invoice if you would like to have the customer name and / or the company name.
You don't have to save the information. All data is saved as you enter it automatically.

Create an invoice

Click the "Client Invoice" tab and then the "Create Invoice" button.

Add line item

When you create a new invoice your first line item is automatically added. Click in the ID field to select a product.

Select your product

Select your product from the Drop Down list and change the product description, price and quantity if necessary. Create more line items as needed.

Print Invoice

Click the Print Invoice button or select Print from the File Menu.