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Basics of a Printed Invoice (Mac)

Basic sections of a printed invoice

1 - Header

The header information is set in Preferences. You can enter any address, phone, web information and customize the font, color and style. From Navigation menu select Preferences then click the Header tab.

2 - Bill To

The Bill To address is set in the Client Addres tab by checking the Billing option.

3 - Ship To

The Ship To address is set in the Client Addres tab by checking the Shipping option. This is optional. You can use different addresses for Billing and Shipping.

4 - Line Item Date

The line item date shows when you set up CG Invoicer to create "Service" based invoices. From the Navigation menu select Preferences. Click the Setup tab. Select "Service" in the Format field. If you select "Product" line items will not show dates. If you select "Professional" there will be only one line item per invoice.
If you do NOT want or need a date for each line item then select Product as the format.

5 - Product Description

Go to Settings and click the Invoice Defaults tab. Check the box for Print Product Description

6 - Line Item Note

You can add a note to each line item on any invoice by clicking the "Item Notes" button. Check the box for "Print Item Notes" to have these notes appear in italics on the printed invoice.

7 - Footer Note

Enter a note that will appear at the bottom of every invoice. From the Navigation menu select Preferences and click the Footer tab.

8 - Tearoff Sheet

Check the box for Tear Off Sheet to have a tear off added to the bottom of the first page of the printed invoice. You can also set this as a global option in Preferences so that this box will be automatically checked for every new invoice.

9 - Payment Address

Payment Address can be customized in the Preferences. If you leave the Payment Address blank the address entered in the Header information will be used by default.