Move to a new computer

To move your data to a new computer:

Make a full backup of your current copy of CG Invoicer before performing any update!

On the old computer with CG Invoicer installed navigate to the CG Invoicer folder. In the CG Invoicer folder duplicate the file named "CGI_Data.cg2" and rename the copy to "CGI_DataOld.cg2". Note that there are no spaces in the name.

On the new computer install the latest demo version of CG Invoicer.

Locate your new CG Inviocer folder on your hard drive.

Move the renamed CGI_DataOld.cg2 file from the old computer to the new computer and place the file in the CG Invoicer folder alongside the existing CGI_Data.cg2 file.

Run CG Invoicer on the new computer.

  1. From the Navigation Menu choose Preferences or Settings.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click the button to Import from a previous version.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts.

CG Software can peform this task for you at no charge. If you wish to take advantage of this service or if you have any questions please contact us.

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